Fourth General Assembly: May 2018


5700 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA. 22041
MAY 26, 2018, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
11:00 Call to Order and Welcome Remarks, Bisrat Aklilu, TMSAANA Board President
11:05 TMSAANA Board Reports
  Bisrat Aklilu, President, The State of TMSAANA
  Temesgen Petros, Treasurer, TMSAANA Financial Reports and presentation of
  TMSAANA “Independent Financial Review”       
11:30 Questions, Comments, and Observations from Alumni
12:00 Keynote Address: “Tafari Makonnen Timhirt Bet: Le Ityopia Yetmhirt Idget Yabereketew Astewatso”, Ato Tekalign Gedamu, Author, “Republicans on the Throne: A Personal Account of Ethiopia’s Modernization and Painful Quest for Democracy” and discussion
13:00 Lunch
  “Tafari Makonnen Temari Bet Tiztawoch”, EBS documentary by Yonas Kebede
  Brief address of appreciation to TMSAANA by President of the Shimels Habte School Alumni Association in North America, Ato Yebza Lakew
  Alumni Group Photo
14:00 Book and Video Presentations & TMSAANA Awards
  Presentation of the new book “Ye Tafari Makonnen Timhrit Bet Tizita”, by Ermias Amare;
  – Video, “TMSAANA Contributions to TMS”, 26 April 2018 Event at TMS;
  TMSAANA Awards:
15:00 Presentation and Discussion of the “2018-2020 TMSAANA Draft Work Program, Budget an Funding”, Berhan Dargie, Chair
15:20 Election of TMSAANA Board, Bayou Tadesse, Chair of Election Committee
15:50 Closing Remarks, TMSAANA Board President & Singing of “WE ARE THE VOICE OF TAFARI MAKONNEN”
16:00 End of Programme

Call to Order and Welcome
Bisrat Aklilu,
President, TMSAANA Board of Directors

Good Morning and welcome to the Fourth General Assembly (GA) of the Tafari Makonnen School Alumni Association in North America (TMSAANA).

In the absence of our Vice-President Alem Wolde-Hawariat, who unfortunately is out of the States, I have the additional responsibility of welcoming you and calling the GA to order.

We know that the Memorial Weekend is filled with many family and social events and we are grateful you have opted to participate in the TMSAANA GA despite your other commitments.

I would like to start our GA with a moment of silence for five TMS alumni who passed away since our Third General Assembly:

  • Ato Habte Selassie Tafesse, the father of Ethiopian Tourism and creator of the Ethiopian tourism maxim “Thirteen Months of Sunshine”;
  • Ato Samuel Ferenji, the renowned journalist, TV Newsman and Director General of the Ethiopian Television;
  • Ato Teshome Gebre Mariam, a renowned lawyer, state minister in the Emperor’s cabinet and a contributor in the establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU);
  • Engineer Minas Lessanu, a founding member of TMSAANA about whom we have a session during today’s GA; and
  • Ato Makonnen Yimam, an active TMS alumni.

Thank you and May they Rest In Peace.

In the interest of time, I will not go through the agenda that has been distributed to you.  We will try to make our presentations short and maximize your participation in an interactive discussion.

As Alem used to say, “prepare yourselves to reminisce, to be inspired and to be challenged”.

In closing, let me extend a warm welcome to our Keynote Speaker and special guest, Ato Tekalign Gedamu, who will be introduced later, and TMS alumni who are joining us for the first time, in particular, Shaleka Haile Mariam Abai from Washington area and Major Argaw Kabtamu from Addis Ababa.  I also extend the warm greetings to you from Fitawrari Makonnen Dori, who has been calling me quite often these days to ask what we are doing to have the TMS name restored and Ato Paulos Asrat from Canada.

The meeting will adjourn promptly at 4 pm. Thereafter, we will have our TMS get together dinner at 6 pm. Please bring your spouses, families and friends to the dinner.

Thank you again for coming and let me move on to my address as TMSAANA President.



Bisrat Aklilu, TMSAANA BOARD President

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Temesgen Petros, TMSAANA Board Treasurer

The Board is proud to report that TMSAANA’s Financial Statements as of 31 December 2017 were reviewed by an Independent Financial Professional who has an extensive financial experience. The Reviewer issued an unmodified report and the review of the Financial Statements concluded without any material modifications. The Review Report was received by the Board and was accepted.

Copies of the TMSAANA Financial Reports as of April 30, 2018, TD Bank Statement of the same period and the Bank Reconciliation were handed to the GA attendees. The Income Statement as of April 30, 2018 indicates total Revenues of $5,555 and total Expenses of $2,115 resulting with a total Fund Balance of $3,440. These Revenues are comprised mainly of $3,360 for collections from Membership dues, $1,000 from Tuition and Scholarship Contributions and $1,010 from Donations. The major expense item is for Food Catering and the GA Meeting facilities of $1,564.

The Reconciled Cash per Book and Per Bank shows $30,768. This amount is reflected in the attached Balance Sheet as of April 30, 2018 and the TD Bank Statement for this period. This Cash balance includes total Deferred Membership dues of $4,320 and Liabilities of $2,100 with a net Cash of $24,348, which is available for future needs.

[gview file=””]


Keynote Address:

“Tafari Makonnen Timhirt Bet: Le Ityopia Yetmhirt Idget Yabereketew Astewatso”,

Ato Tekalign Gedamu,

[gview file=”ተፈሪ-መኰንን-ትምሕርት-ቤት-ለኢትዮጵያ-የትምሕርት-ዕድገት-ያበረከተስ-አስተዋጽኦ.pdf”]


TMSAANA 2018 Awards

Recipients of TMS Pioneer Award
  1. Fetawrari Makonnen Dori, 1949
  2. Captain Negussie Demissie, 1953
  3. Engineer Minas Lessanu (posthumously), 1960
  4. Engineer Berhnu Woldamlak, 1960
  5. Mr. Abera Abdi, 1960
  6. Mr. Fekade Bizuneh, 1960 
Recipients of Award of Gratitude (for Outstanding Service to TMSAANA)
  1. Ms. Tsehay Elias, Treasurer 2011-2012
  2. Mr. Temesgen Petros, Treasurer 2013-2108
  3. Mr. Mack Mesfin Mekaasha, Website Administrator
  4. Mr. Hoyt Smith, Peace Corps Volunteer at TMS 1965-68
  5. Ms. Abebayehu Gebremariam, Benefactor
  6. Mr. Solomon Bekele, Benefactor
  7. Mr. Tekalign Gedamu, 2018 GA Keynote Speaker


TMSAANA 2018 – 2020 Annual Work Programme & Budget*

Student Support Programme for 800 students
Tuition Scholarship – merit & need-based
400x30x10                      Birr 144,000=$5,300

Sanitation Cost Support for Female Students
400x60X10                      Birr 240,00 =$9,000
Total Student Support   Birr 300,000=$14,300

Computer Center for Female Students:
(10 Computers and 3 printers)      Birr 25,000= $914.00

TMS focused book publication     Birr 41,300 =$1,500

TMSAANA Share of Alumni Office Birr 96,000=$3,500
TOTAL COST:                                 Birr 462,000 =$20,214*

(Equivalent to membership payment by 168 Alumni compared to current payment by only 60 Alumni)
* If the required number of Alumni payments do not materialize activities 3 and 4 will be deferred or scaled down


Election of TMSAANA Board of Directors 

On the basis of the consultation undertaken by the Election Committee chaired by  Bayou Tadesse, the following alumni were unanimously re-elected or elected
            1- Bisrat Aklilu, ’67, President,
            2- Alem W. Hawariat ’70, Vice President,
            3- Garedew Atnafseged,’68, Secretary,
            4- Merafe Seyoum,’68, Treasurer,* *elected after the Fourth GA meeting on the basis of the recommendation by the Board 
            5- Moges Kassa ’69, Member,
            6- Selam Yisma ’71, Member 


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